Lori Harvey's Angel Wing Eyeliner Is the Perfect Fall Makeup Inspo

So pretty.

Lori Harvey in a white top ange angel wing eyeliner


Lori Harvey is ditching the cat eye for a different set of wings. On October 26, Harvey arrived at a Tiffany & Co. event in Los Angeles wearing a minimalist outfit with what we're calling "angel wing eyeliner"—the look includes a set of wings on each eye that amps up the high-fashion factor of her otherwise timeless outfit.

Lori Harvey in a white top, black pants, and angel wing eyeliner


Harvey kept her outfit minimal for the night, wearing a black and white look that features a deep v-necked sleeveless blouse tucked into a pair of black pleated trousers. She finished off her outfit with black sheer stockings and black pointed-toe sandals, plus dazzling diamond earrings and bracelets.

Her best accessory of the night, though? Her angel wing eyeliner, which feature stacked eyeliner wings on each eye. Her smokey top wing extends out from her upper lash line, while her bottom wing extends out from her lower lash line and curves slightly upward, creating a doll-like effect to her lashes—a wash of white shadow between the two makes the liner pop even more. She finished her glam with a two-toned glossy lip and a slicked-back pony with sleek tendrils framing her face.

Lori Harvey with angel wing eyeliner


Harvey is no stranger to wearing trendsetting looks, and has recently been spotted wearing giant bow earrings, oversized tweed puffers, and floor-length feather skirts, to name just a few.

Here’s the thing, though—Harvey knows how to emphasize the standout parts of her looks. For example, she wore a plain white bustier with her feather skirt, a classic Yankees snap back with her tweed puffer, and a monochromatic ‘fit with the bow earrings. She is an unequivocal queen when it comes to high-low pairings, and by wearing a timeless white top and black pants combo, her eyeliner wasn’t lost in the hoopla of the rest of her look. Instead, it stood out as her best accessory of the night—and that says a lot, seeing as she was dripping in Tiffany’s.

lori harvey

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The best thing about her liner look is that it’s so simple to recreate. Take your favorite fine-tip eyeliner and create a wing on your upper lash line as you normally would. Then, use the eyeliner to add dimension to your lower lash line, extending another wing below. If you’re a liner newbie and are having issues creating clean lines, use a micellar water-soaked cotton swab to clean up the area between the two wings.

So, whether you’re off to a gala or an 8am class, take notes from Harvey and consider a “something cool” outfit yourself—you’ll be surprised at how such a minimal change can create a maximal effect.  

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