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To help you take your dry skin from parched to dewy, we have all the advice you need: from the best face moisturizer for dry skin, expert-approved dry-skin remedies, or even the best, most hydrating makeup for dry skin.
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Sol de Janeiro's New Firming Body Oil Smells Just as Good as You Hoped

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At-Home Cuticle Care Is So Much Easier Than You Think—Here's What You Can Do

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Liposculpture Is "High-Definition Liposuction"—Here's What You Need to Know

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Does Laser Hair Removal Last Forever? According to Derms, it Depends

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Serena Williams's New Muscle Care Line Helps You Recover Like a Pro Athlete

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TikTok’s Madame Sweat Shares Her Natural Deodorant Do’s & Don’ts

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TikTok’s Glycolic Acid Foot Peel Hack Is Dermatologist-Approved

These Are the Best Body Products of 2022

Fur Bath Drops
'90s Bath Beads Are Back

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YAG Laser Hair Removal Is a Game-Changer for Darker Skin Tones—This Is Why

Iota bodycare products
Iota Is Bringing Nutritional Bodycare to the Masses

Soft Services Theraplush Hand Treatment
I'm Giving Everyone This $60 Hand Cream for Their Birthday

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Prepping Your Skin for Waxing Is Easier Than You'd Think—Here's How to Do It

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Can You Really Use Glycolic Acid as Deodorant?

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How to Treat Paronychia at Home (and Prevent it in the First Place)

God Is A Woman Body Care Line
Ariana Grande Body Care Is Coming Soon

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Are Permanent Retainers Worth It? Experts Weigh In

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We Tried JLo Beauty's Sold-Out Booty Tightening Cream

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Medical Pedicures Can Totally Transform Your Feet

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Mini Tummy Tucks Can Offer Big Results—On One Specific Area

Vacation Chardonnay Oil
12 Body Products That Smell Like Summer, According to TikTok

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Black Women Are Enhancing Their Melanin-Rich Glow With Self-Tanner—Here’s Why

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How to Use Body Lotion Like a Dermatologist

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How to Use a Bikini Trimmer, According to Dermatologists

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Body Contouring After Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

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All Your Questions About Breast Augmentation, Answered

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Preventative Botox Is a Thing—and Derms Swear By It

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Boyzilian: Your Guide to the Brazilian Wax for Men

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Armpit Masking Is Going Viral On TikTok—Here's What Experts Think

Model with clear, glowing skin
Cell-FX Is a State-of-the-Art Treatment for Bumps and Spots

Microneedling with PRP Vampire Facial
Microneedling with PRP: We Tried the "Vampire Facial"

Woman touching her top lip.
Lip Filler Isn't Permanent—But These Treatments Are

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InMode Evolve: How It Tightens Skin and Builds Muscle

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Spa Facial Treatments: A Guide to the Most Popular Offerings

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5 Body Lotion Bars That Make Moisturizing a Breeze

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Can You Get Botox Under Your Eyes? We Asked the Experts

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Mini Face-Lifts Can Offer Major Results—Here's What You Need to Know

I Got a Five-Star Facial at this "Bachelor"-Approved Spa

 Rochelle Brock / Refinery29 for Getty Images
2022 Is the Year of Body Care

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Ponytail Facelifts Are Trending—Here's What You Need to Know

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PRF Injections: What to Know About the Treatment

Woman with a dimple with her hand on her chin.
Dimpleplasty: All Your Questions, Answered

Stocksy / Design by Cristina Cianci
DAXI: What to Know About the Longer-Lasting Botox Alternative

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4 Facelift Alternatives, According to Skin Experts

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Endermologie: What to Know About the Cellulite Treatment

Carly Cardellino
This Self-Tanner Made Me Feel More Like Myself After Baby Number 2

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Considering Subcision for Your Acne Scars? Read This First

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8 Ways to Treat Marionette Lines, According to Derms

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Dysport vs. Botox: Picking the Right One for Your Needs

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10 Hand Rejuvenation Tips, Straight From Dermatologists

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Considering Surgery to Lower Your Hairline? Read This First

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All Your Options for Removing a Birthmark (If You Want)

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A Plastic Surgeon Breaks Down What You Need To Know About Excel V

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Everything You Need to Know About Mentoplasty, AKA Chin Surgery

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Thermage: All Your Questions, Answered

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The Byrdie Boy's Guide to Nose Hair Removal

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EmSculpt Neo Is Officially My Favorite Treatment Ever—Here's Why

Radiesse Dermal Filler Treatment
Everything You Need to Know About Radiesse Dermal Filler

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This Aromatherapy Massage Helped Me Have My Best Night of Sleep

Bevel Brand Review Best Products
Bevel Has Created the Grooming Solutions People of Color Deserve

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Ear Pinning: All Your Questions, Answered

PDT Is an Effective—and Affordable—Option for Treating Lesions

Liquid Rhinoplasty Syringe
Your Guide to Liquid Rhinoplasty, the Non-Surgical Nose Job

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What Is a Neck Lift? We Break Down the Process Start to Finish