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How to Create Your Own Holiday Traditions for a Meaningful Season

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I Secretly Used to Wig Shame—Until I Found #WigTok

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I Tested Hair Products for a Living, and This Is What I Learned

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Owning My Bisexuality By Conquering My Fear of "Looking Too Gay"
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I Wish I Could Talk to My Younger Self About Today's Beauty Standards

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Hijabi-Friendly Spaces Should Be Normalized in Hair Salons

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We Asked Therapists to Explain Why We Attract Emotionally Unavailable People

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How I Gained Confidence in the Gym as a Plus-Size Person

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4 Beauty Experts on the Cultural Beauty Rituals They Cherish

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The Clean Girl Aesthetic Is All Over Social Media—But It's Not Exactly Harmless

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Meet Ashley Campuzano, the Mexican-American Actress Using Her Platform to Pay It Forward

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Normani on Haircare, Logging Off, and Speaking Her Mind

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J Balvin on Mental Health, Moisturizer, and His Constantly Evolving Hair

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All the Cool Girls Are Wearing Nap Dresses—But Why Do I Feel So Weird About Them?

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12 Exciting Designers You Need On Your Fashion Radar

Tia Adeola designs
Get to Know 6 Gen Z Designers Pushing Fashion Forward

Founders of BeautyBeez and Ami Cole
8 Black Founders Reflect on Their First Year of Business

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8 Juicy Summer Skin Tips I Learned From Skincare Expert Sean Garrette

Megan Fisher, The Chronic Makeup Artist
This Makeup Artist Creates Looks Inspired by Her Chronic Illness

Abigail Adams
Down Syndrome Advocate Abigail Adams Is Empowering Others Through Makeup

Woman applying lipstick
How My Lupus Diagnosis Made Me Feel More Beautiful

Hairdresser rinsing hair of female customer with water after using shampoo and conditioner
How I Found Community and Care in Vietnamese Hair Salons

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Introducing Pride Vanities: A Collection of Stories That Celebrate Queer Beauty

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6 Drag Queens Share The Beauty Products They Couldn’t Survive Pride Without

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It's Time to Eliminate Shame From the Wellness Conversation

How Beauty Brands Are Supporting the Fight for Abortion Rights

Founders of Black Beauty Roster Simone Tetteh and Maude Okrah
Meet Two Women Amplifying Black Hairstylists and MUAs in Hollywood

8 AAPI Creators Share How They Celebrate Their Culture Through Beauty

Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell on PMDD and Simplifying Self-Care

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The AAPI Experience: We've Reached a Critical Point in the Fight Against Violence

Lets Stop Pretending It's Easy to Make Friends in Your 20s
Let’s Stop Pretending It's Easy to Make Friends in Your 20s

The Facade of Millennial Wellness Keeps Me Silent about Depression
The Façade of Millennial Wellness Keeps Me Silent about Depression

Hand in water
How An Adult Camp Rekindled My Relationship With My Body

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Why I'm Taking a Break From Dating

woman in black with hands in air
Hear Me Out: Intentional Movement Can Be Healing

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My Father Styled My Hair Every Day After My Mom Passed Away

byrdie writer Aleenah Ansari smiles with flowers
Fasting During Ramadan Brought Me Closer to My Identity as a Queer Muslim

woman with auburn curly hair looking into distance with tan body suit.
How Chronic Pain Helped Me Connect to My Body

Beauty blogger Nafisa Omar
4 Black Muslim Women on Fashion, Faith, and Taking Up Space

Lila Moss walking the Versace x Fendi show wearing her OmniPod on her upper thigh.
How I Learned to Love My Insulin Pump

muslim beauty blogger shows off her ramadan beauty routine
5 Muslim Women Share the Beauty Products Getting Them Through Ramadan

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Disability and Beauty: Here's What's Missing From the Conversation

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How I Am Redefining Wellness as a Former "Strong Black Woman"

The girl group Supremes
5 Black Beauty Experts on the Icons Who Have Influenced Them

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How I Reframed Being Fired For My Mental Health

Shop Latinx Yellow T Shirt on Model
Meet the Fashion and Beauty Founders Spotlighting Afro-Latinx Self-Love

6 Black Creators on How They Celebrate Their Culture Through Beauty

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How My Eczema Helped Me Scratch My "Creative Itch"

Tynan Sinks
Glossier's Balm Dotcom Is the Ultimate Romantic Conversation Starter

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8 Byrdie Editors Share Their Ultimate Beauty Icons

Yes, And: The Complexities of Announcing Your Engagement on Instagram

finding love again
It's Complicated: Finding Love Again After Divorce

Co-Sleeping With My Toddler As a Single Mother: A Love Story
Co-Sleeping With My Toddler As a Single Mother: A Love Story

An Ode to Black Beauty
An Ode to Black Beauty

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and the author, all with colorful hair.
Why Is Colorful Hair Trendy and Fun—Unless You're Black?

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To Delete or Not to Delete: An Investigation Into Post-Breakup Online Behavior

Ariane Resnick
I Was Taught That Being a Highly Sensitive Person Is a Problem

Virgil Abloh
6 Ways Virgil Abloh Changed Fashion Forever

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I Lost My Hair After Giving Birth and Here's What It Taught Me

Three girls of different races and body types
How Learning to Re-Love My Body Changed My Life

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7 Dewy Dumpling Beauty Tips I Learned From Nam Vo

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Dermal Fillers Are the Best Gift I’ve Ever Given Myself

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Plastic Surgery Is Only Controversial When You're Trans

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This YouTuber Is Erasing the Stigma Around Male Pattern Hair Loss